CBD & Drug Testing Ultimate FAQ

One of the most common questions seen within the exploding CBD industry is if you will show up positive for THC on a drug test for work if you ingest CBD products. 

It is VERY unlikely that taking CBD products daily would cause you to show up positive on a standardized drug test used by most companies. These tests are measuring for THC content in your blood or urine not your levels of CBD.

The majority of tests that do come out positive usually occur when a person is using CBD products that have not been regulated correctly and contain larger than 0.3% amounts of THC.

You can rest assured that Royalty Extract CBD products contain the minimal legal amount of 0.3% THC.

How can we assure this claim? We got our CBD third party tested and plan to get it tested many more times in the future from different third party testing companies.

The idea is to allow another company that professionally handles CBD testing, test our stuff independently. That way their is no way we can manipulate the results and you know you are receiving a quality products that stands by what it claims. 

Our goal with Royalty Extracts is to not just have the best products on the market but also be one of the most transparent companies in the industry. We stand by delivering only the best of products.

Please see a copy of our tests conducted below. Our CBD contains NO THC and all the health benefits but also is free of any chemicals or additives. 





Now according to a few recent estimates based on studies. In order to to POSSIBLY trigger a false positive on a typical drug test. You would at a MINIMUM need to consume 1500mg to 2000mg a day. This means you would have to literally finish 3-4 BOTTLES worth of our 500 mg Royal Extracts CBD drops in one day. Obviously this is not a normal scenario we expect anyone to encounter.

In order to assure your own safety when getting drug tested, we still recommend to stop consumption of all Royalty Extract CBD infused products 7-14 days before your drug test. This is really not needed according to all estimates and studies but it is always best to be safe.

Articles & studies linked to CBD drug testing:






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